Caldas Pereira Advogados e Consultores Associados was established in 1990, originally under the name Caldas Pereira, Decio Miranda e Rafael Mayer Advogados e Consultores, with the union of experienced lawyers with outstanding achievements in the Federal Capital and two retired Justices of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Since its establishment, the firm has as main characteristic the careful and customized handling of all legal issues submitted to its partners. This remarkable feature is confirmed every day as a result of the combination of a qualified team, supported by very experienced lawyers with strong relationship capabilities.

Therefore, Caldas Pereira Advogados e Consultores Associados consolidated its reputation among the most respected law firms in Brasilia, both in litigation and in legal consulting.

Caldas Pereira Advogados e Consultores Associados renders high quality assistance in judicial litigation and general legal advice, with distinguished performance before courts and administrative bodies, including Federal and State Courts, the Superior Court of Justice, the Supreme Court, Regulatory Agencies, Antitrust Agencies and the National Audit Office.

Among our areas of expertise, we include:

  • Tax Law;
  • Administrative Law and Governmental Relations;
  • Antitrust Law;
  • Regulatory Law (Telecoms, Energy, Oil and Gás, Transportation, Sanitation, Pharmaceuticals);
  • Environmental Law;
  • Infrastructure Projects;
  • Electoral Law;
  • Civil Law;
  • Corporate and Commercial Law;
  • Criminal Law;